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MVMS has forever changed the course of my child’s life. This might sound so strange to read about a school for 3, 4, and 5-year-olds but it is incredibly accurate. During these years is where a child learns to trust themselves and begins to try out their independence. MVMS encourages that rather than impeding it, in a safe and stable environment. A child needs to feel safe and loved in order to be able to “try themselves out” in the world. MVMS fosters this growth through Montessori education but more importantly, through amazing women who are running the school. They will love your child as their own. They are a chosen family to each other and if you choose MVMS they will become a permanent part of your family, as they are mine.

Dr Rhonda Hodge, Harmony Psychiatric Services

We were aware of how special MVMS was when my son, Rocco, was there several years ago now. However, years later, we continue to realize just how great of an impact these years had on him. He has undoubtedly done well in academic and social environments to this day due to the skills and experiences he had while at MVMS. Rocco thrived in an environment filled with concrete, tangible manipulatives and meaningful experiences. From the pink tower in Math, to the under the table painting like the great artist Michelangelo, all of the lessons and activities connect the learner to the content. The approach fosters a natural curiosity and genuine love of learning.
We loved Merrimack Valley Montessori so much that when it came time to make a decision between public kindergarten or staying at MVMS, it was an easy choice. Rocco went to first grade beyond prepared to take on the daily routines and expectations and has since flourished. MVMS will forever hold a very special place in our hearts. Even though Rocco is now in sixth grade, he still talks about his years there often. We continue to reap the benefits of this amazing start. It truly is a gift.

Merrimack Valley Montessori school’s curriculum and approach is developmentally centered. This means kids learn in an environment and pace that suits their needs. Everything from the gradual increase of time in school to the organization of the daily activities is intentional. Here they learn independence and important life skills. Experiences are aligned with the child, not the other way around. Being in education myself, I recognize the tremendous benefit of spending these formative years with the same educator. Connection and care is at the core of this school. Ms. Tammy knew my child, knew me, and knew how to motivate, guide, and support both of us. She helped us both to grow!

Amy from Atkinson NH, Parent

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