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About Merrimack Valley Montessori School

Merrimack Valley Montessori School is an educational institution founded in 1984 in Salem, NH for 73 students in the prekindergarten to kindergarten levels. We are a member of various Montessori associations, including the American Montessori Society (AMS) and other special emphasis associations. Parents and students enjoy our outstanding student-to-teacher ratio of 12:1, so children get the attention they need to thrive in their studies. Our school’s religious affiliation is Nonsectarian, and we promote a warm, open, and inclusive community to foster lasting relationships between children, families, faculty, teachers, and caregivers. We build these relationships in the classroom and through open and frequent communication, social gatherings, and community-building events.

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Our Mission as a Montessori Educational Institute

Our independent preschool and kindergarten classes combine Montessori philosophy with contemporary early childhood research. Merrimack Valley Montessori School strives to inspire young minds, and we encourage students to use their own interests and ideas to pursue knowledge while learning from each other. We focus on concrete, hands-on learning while maintaining our core values.

Wonder, Joy, and a Lifelong Love of Learning

Love of learning comes from children independently exploring the world around them with hands-on learning. Our classrooms shared spaces, and educational materials engage students in opportunities to be fascinated and absorbed in their interests and ideas.

Warm and Inclusive Community

We take pride in our school’s warm, open, and inclusive community, complete with an intimate scale and setting. Building this community lets us foster fruitful, lasting relationships with children, families, and caregivers.


Fostering children’s independence is a key part of Montessori philosophy. Our school believes self-sufficiency is vital to building a child’s experiences of self-worth and pleasure. We design our classroom materials and environments to let children explore and learn by doing.

Grace and Courtesy

Our classrooms are peaceful and introduce students to social strategies, helping them articulate their emotions, navigate friendships, and engage in positive interactions while growing and maturing. Children typically encounter the struggle and beauty of building relationships. At our school, children learn compassion, empathy, and how their own agency impacts this world.

Proud to Serve the Southern NH Communities

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional schools that emphasizes concrete, hands-on learning in the prekindergarten to kindergarten levels, Merrimack Valley Montessori School is available. We encourage you to learn more about a Montessori education and how your child may benefit now and as they grow and mature.

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