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Cultural Studies, Geography, and Science

Our MVMS curriculum provides a wide-ranging view of our world in order to create a long-lasting sense of wonder and enthusiasm for the Earth.

Using globes and puzzle maps, we study its physical geography and learn about the continents and countries of the world, as well as our own United States. Through various hands-on activities and projects, the children are exposed to the cultures of many populations, both past, and present, providing an inclusive perspective on the peoples of the world.

Studies in weather, seasons, life cycles of both plants and animals, and our own human bodies, are fully integrated into the academic areas of the classroom, and throughout the year. Nature-based outdoor activities are important, in order to instill a love for the environment that we believe is crucial for young children. Scientific inquiry is modeled and encouraged regularly.

Particularly in kindergarten, children learn to hypothesize, and then explore and experiment. They are introduced to astronomy and the planets and take part in hands-on experiments in magnetism, electricity, plant growth, and chemical reactions. They get to understand the scientific nature of cooking, preparing many foods by themselves from scratch, and even preparing a Special Person Tea for a parent or other valued person in their lives. They complete their science curriculum with a field trip to the SEE museum in Manchester, NH.

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